How to Stick to Your Grocery Budget


Ever go to the grocery store to pick up a few things and end up spending far more than you wanted to?  We have all done it.  Sticking to a family budget is hard enough but the grocery store is where most of us either don’t have a budget or fail to stick to it.  Don’t worry there’s help, here are some practical tips on how to stick to your budget at the grocery store.

Use a Meal Planner

There are dozens of meal planning apps, not only will it make your life easier in terms of figuring out what to cook during the week it will also give you a list of the items that you need.  It can stop you from buying things you don’t need and help with healthy eating, it’s win-win.   Here are some tips on meal planning for your family.

Keep a List of Things You Run Out Of

Attach a list to your fridge or somewhere in the kitchen where you can keep track of things you’ve run out of like sugar, spices or garbage bags.  This will help prevent unnecessary trips to the grocery store or running to the nearest convenience store and paying too much.  At the same time check your list against the fridge and the pantry to make sure you are actually out of things rather than someone just couldn’t find it.

Have a Budget and Pay Cash

If you want to stick to your budget you need to have one in the first place, create one before the month starts or at the very least keep track of what you are spending.  Always pay for groceries with cash, that will help to keep you from overspending.  If you go over budget one week then the next week will mean less money.  You may have to get creative with meal planning.

Buy Meat in Bulk

You can do this two ways, either buy a large meat order from a farm in the fall and freeze it for the rest of the year or buy in bulk when things go on sale.  Set aside a little of your weekly budget to take care of this, you may not need to buy meat for a few months if you get enough.

Organize your Fridge

If your fridge or pantry is a mess then you never know what you have on hand so organize it so you don’t end up buying 14 jars of mustard because you can’t find them.  Get some containers that will help keep your produce organized and fresh.  When your fridge is organized you know what needs to be eaten quickly and what you have on hand all the time.

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